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How to find swimming spots in city breaks around the world

Going on city breaks is generally a highly rewarding experience, as you indulge in a city’s history, culture,cuisine and explore many other fantastic local aspects. But sometimes, you can have something extrawhen going on a city break, so what say you about a dive in either a swimming pool, a pond or evenbetter, a bath in the sea or the ocean?Going beyond the usual roll of sightseeing, restaurants and museums will offer you the chance to reallyindulge in local experiences, such as diving in swimming holes, ponds, deep swells or tidal pools. Andsuch adventures will up your vacation even more, needless to say, they are amazing Instagram places!But where can one find such places? Well, we’ve flown around the world to find these hidden gems andupgrade your city break experience, and here’s our list!

Dive into Hampstead ponds in your London city breakBelieve it or not, there are ponds in the Hampstead Heath region of London and you can actually swim inthem! These are known as historic bathing ponds, and they are three in number. However, only two ofthem are open to the public, the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond and the Highgate Men’s Pond.Both are open from May to September and you have to pay a 2 pounds fee if you want to adventure intheir chilly waters. The thrill of bathing in cold water is not only an adventure, but it is also known to havehealth benefits, and if you dare to do so you can relax and sunbathe on the small lawns near the ponds.You can also find grebes, coots and moorhens around these ponds and they might also keep youcompany when you bathe. For those who cannot shake the cold away, the nearby Parliament Hill Caféoffers hot tea and soups to bring life back into your body.

Swim at the Astoria Pool in your New York city break

The Astoria Pool in New York was used for the U.S. Olympic trials in 1936 and 1964, so you shouldexpect over 5.000 square meters in the surface. The pool is situated in Astoria Park, near Robert FKennedy Bridge, and also offers a fantastic picnic place nearby, framed by art deco buildings.There is no entrance fee at Astoria Pool in New York, but it is open only between June and Septemberand you will have to abide by the rules of the establishment. That being said, you will enjoy enoughswimming place for your entire family, but you can also exercise in aqua aerobic classes. And whenyou’re done with swimming, the in-house snack bar is there to reward your experience with coffee and hotdogs.

Dive into the Boekenberg swimming pond in your Antwerp city breakThe Boekenberg swimming pond can be found in the Deurne’s suburb and is a perfect place to cool downduring the hot summer days. This pond offers crystal clear waters, filtered through an ecological system,as well a modern-looking changing area and clubhouse.You can reach this wonderful pond via train from Antwerp and it is going to be worth it, as swimming hereis free and you can mingle with the locals, but remember that the pond is open only between May andSeptember.

Swim in St James pool in your Cape Town city breakSt James pool is located only less than an hour’s drive from the city of Cape Town. This natural poolfeatures natural rocks and wildlife all around it, so it is a great experience for both children and adults.You can also make use of the multicoloured bathing boxes set on the shores and you can sunbathe onthe fine sand.This pool is available all year round and its waters are also pleasant all the time, but it is best enjoyed inthe hot summer days. And remember to pack your picnic, as you are rather remote from such facilities.There is only the Folk Cafe nearby, where you can enjoy some delicious breakfast and cuppa if you’d like.

Visit the Bronte Baths in your Sydney city breakSydney will offer you the chance to bathe in some amazing places, but there is no other experience likethe Bronte Baths. This amazing place is located on the beach with the same name, but the ocean here iswild and the shores are rocky, so it is not that safe to swim.

However, this manmade pool offers you the chance to feel the ocean’s salty air while you enjoy coolingdown in a hot Australian summer day. Bronte Baths is open all year round and is adapted for both seriousswimmers and children, with areas in the pool designed accordingly.And when it’s time to chill, have an amazingly tasty coffee at Bronte Belo, the Brazilian-themed cafe fromwhere you can indulge in the amazing views it offers.

Enjoy the Aare River in your Bern city breakAare River in Bern is recognized to be the cleanest rivers to swim in Europe. Its waters come fromglaciers and that’s what makes them so clean, but so cold at the same time, even in the hottest of thesummer days.As a fun fact, it is been said that this river is such a popular swimming spot that locals swim to and fromwork in it, during the hot summer days. And the red bars hung from here to then help swimmers get out ofthe water easier.For a complete experience, you can also stop at Marzili where you can sunbathe and even enjoy thefreshwater pool. Don’t forget to taste your favourite ice cream flavour at Gelateria di Berna, right near theentrance in Marzili, its perfect for cooling off with a delicious treat in the hot summer days.